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 Vessel Adrift 

Shout Number 23/2016

Date/Time: 05/08/2016 15:59 - 17:59

Called to North Berwick for a Vessel Adrift

People Assisted: 0

Following discovery of a windsurf board 4.5 miles north west of North Berwick, a search was launched. Initially, North Berwick lifeboat undertook a search, before it was upscaled with the launch of Kinghorn and Dunbar lifeboats, and Coastguard helicopter Rescue 999.

Following an exhaustive search of the area, and assessment of the condition of the board, the search was stood down.

Later in the evening, another similar board was located upriver by Queensferry CRT. It is unknown whether the two boards were connected.

Boat Crew: K Davidson, S Wallace, M McGarva, R Malcomson
Shore Crew: S Robinson, D Ormiston