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 Person In Water 

Shout Number 23/2015

Date/Time: 10/08/2015 17:07 - 22:40

Called to East Wemyss for a Person In Water

People Assisted: 3

The lifeboat was called to the aid of a small angling vessel off East Wemyss which had gone missing with 3 persons on board in worsening weather conditions.

The lifeboat arrived and began a search of the area. The crew were then directed to a suspected sighting of an upturned boat from the shore, and found the vessel upturned and partially submerged. The vessel appeared to be stuck fast to the sea bed by a rope of some kind - possibly a creel rope. The upturned vessel was checked for anyone inside but nobody could be found.

The lifeboat began a search around the capsized vessel, while a rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer joined the search. A man was found by the rescue helicopter and winched on board before being flown to hospital, but was unable to be saved. The search continued with lifeboats from Kinghorn and Anstruther, Coastguard search teams and the rescue helicopter before it was stood down due to bad light with no more crewmembers found.

A crew change was made in Methil and the lifeboat was brought back to station by N Chalmers, J Wibberley, M Davidson and M McGarva

Boat Crew: M Brown, L Fisher, M Chalmers, K Milne
Shore Crew: S Robinson