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 Person In Water 

Shout Number 23/2009

Date/Time: 30/05/2009 19:05 - 20:40

Called to Portobello for a Person In Water

People Assisted: 1    Lives Saved: 1

The lifeboat crew were called to the aid of a man in the water off Portobello beach. The man refused assistance but, due to his condition and the sea temperature the crew were reluctant to leave him. A police negotiator was brought out to assist the crew in convincing the man to accept help, and eventually he did so.

The rescue helicopter from HMS Gannet, Prestwick had arrived on scene and had landed on the beach by this time, with a paramedic on board, and the man was transferred to the helicopter and waiting paramedic. His condition deteriorated rapidly at the time, but he has since made a recovery having been airlifted to hospital by the rescue helicopter.

The lifeboat crew would also like to thank a nearby windsurfer who initially tried to assist the man and waited nearby until the lifeboat arrived.

Boat Crew: S McIlravie, B Paton, L Williams
Shore Crew: N Soutar, I McLean