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 Vessel Disabled 

Shout Number 17/2008

Date/Time: 28/06/2008 14:05 - 15:15

Called to Aberlady Bay for a Vessel Disabled

People Assisted: 4

The lifeboat was called to assist the 10m Rigid Inflatable boat "Guttaboyz", adrift with dual engine failure in Aberlady Bay. The racing boat, competing in the Round Britain powerboat race, required a tow back to Port Edgar for repairs, which the lifeboat was unable to do because of the distance involved. The skipper of Guttaboyz arranged for a private vessel to tow him to Port Edgar and the lifeboat crew stood by until the private boat arrived.

Boat Crew: S McIlravie, N Chalmers, J Wibberley
Shore Crew: E Stoker