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Shout Number 14/2016

Date/Time: 15/06/2016 00:11 - 03:50

Called to Forth Bridge for a HOAX

People Assisted: 0

The volunteer lifeboat crew was tasked following an apparent mayday distress call made on VHF radio, by a vessel purporting to be taking on water, and in need of assistance. Details were limited, but a full response was initiated by Aberdeen Coastguard. This included launching Kinghorn and Queensferry lifeboats, Kinghorn and Queensferry Coastguard Rescue Teams, and Coastguard Rescue helicopter 999 from Prestwick. A fast rescue craft working on the new Forth bridge also assisted.
A large search of the Forth, approximately 5 miles either side of the bridges was completed by all assets, with Kinghorn lifeboat searching to the east of the bridge, between both shores. With nothing found, it was deemed to be a hoax call.

Boat Crew: M Brown, K Davidson, P Stather, S Walters
Shore Crew: S Robinson, J Ketchin