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 Vessel Disabled 

Shout Number 12/2014

Date/Time: 22/06/2014 17:05 - 18:35

Called to Inchkeith Island for a Vessel Disabled

People Assisted: 3

The lifeboat was launched after a 17' yacht transmitted a pan-pan request for assistance. The vessel had broken down and, due to the still air conditions in the Forth, had been unable to make way. The casualty had anchored near the Switha wreck, approximately half a mile south of Inchkeith.

The volunteer crew quickly located the yacht with three persons on board and decided with the skipper that the best course was to tow the yacht back towards Fisherrow harbour where it would await the tide and either row in, or get a tow from a local vessel. The casualty vessel was well equipped.

Boat Crew: N Chalmers, S Wallace, K Davidson, P Stathers
Shore Crew: S Robinson, D Galloway