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 Vessel Disabled 

Shout Number 11a/2013

Date/Time: 11/05/2013 16:50 - 18:25

Called to Gullane for a Vessel Disabled

People Assisted: 3

The lifeboat was requested to assist an 8m catamaran which had suffered engine difficulties whilst sailing to Granton. The catamaran was approximately 8 miles east of Kinghorn, and approximately 2 miles north of Gullane.

The volunteer crew, who had just returned from the previous two callouts and had washed the lifeboat, launched within 5 minutes of the casualty's call for assistance.

On arrival on scene, the situation was assessed, and it was decided that due to the moderate sea conditions (1.25-2.5m waves)that the catamaran should continue to Granton under sail, where they would require assistance into harbour due to their engine failure. Towing to Granton was not considered to be a quicker or safer option in the conditions.

The lifeboat escorted the catamaran for a short distance before returning to station to await the arrival of the casualty at Granton.

Boat Crew: J Wibberley, N Chalmers, B Paton, C Stokes
Shore Crew: K Davidson, D Paton