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 Person In Water 

Shout Number 10/2013

Date/Time: 11/05/2013 14:40 - 14:50

Called to Musselburgh for a Person In Water

People Assisted: 0

On arrival at Cramond Island, during shout 09/2013, the lifeboat was re-tasked by Aberdeen Coastguard following reports of a person in the water at Musselburgh.

The four casualties on Cramond Island were in no immediate danger, so the lifeboat made best speed to Musselburgh. Whilst en-route, the Coastguard were advised that the person was out of the water, and the lifeboat was not required.

The lifeboat then returned to Cramond to continue the rescue of the four stranded people.

Boat Crew: J Wibberley, N Chalmers, M Brown, B Paton
Shore Crew: M Gowans, K Davidson